No refunds for Setanta customers, maybe!

David Allen -

As if losing the satellite sports channels from Setanta was not enough, the subscribers of Setanta will have to make sure that they are not paying any more money for a service that they cannot get.

This problem is that the cardholder cannot cancel any service paid for by credit card.

This means that subscribers to the Setanta service are at the mercy of the administrator Deloitte and hope that they have cancelled all of the payments.

To their credit Deloitte has said that no more payments will be taken from the 1.2 million customers, but subscribers are warned to keep an eye on their accounts to make sure that no more cash is taken.

Customers who received the Setanta service as part of a package through BT Vision, Tiscali and Virgin Media should see a refund of any balance on their next bill, but direct subscribers are unlikely to receive a refund.

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