BT wins worst customer service title

Winning awards or being named “best of” in a voters poll is great for a company, as it shows to the consumer that it cares and is trying its best.

Then there is the other end of the scale, when the responses are less palatable, as internet service and phone provider BT has found out.

The service offered by BT has been criticised for leaving its customers holding on for long periods of time.

Employing staff in foreign call centres who do not understand English is another issue, according to the survey maker

BT’s score was so bad, that it had nearly twice as many complaints as British Gas, which was in second place, for how it goes about dealing with complaints and other customer based issues.

One of the other issues that customers complained about was the automated systems that firms use to save money.


Too bloody right!

One time BT disconnected my business broadband after they sent the bill to the wrong address. Even though I paid the bill, I was still disconnected because of their automated process.

The following year, BT twice tried to take me to the small claims courts over a bill that didn’t even exist!!

They refused to answer my letter of complaint, and their switchboard staff were repeatedly unable to send me to the right department.

The irony is that the BT engineers themselves are great - it’s the rest of the company between the engineers and the customer that is dysfunctional!

- Brian

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