YouTube users not happy with redesign

David Allen -

The trouble with user-generated content and social networking sites is that they would run perfectly all right if was not for the users.

This places the organisations in a tricky position; they cannot survive without the users and in some cases they cannot make any site wide changes either.

This is the position that YouTube finds itself in as it attempts to make some changes to the personal channels on the site.

The users are not happy and they are not afraid to speak out about it either.

This issue started with a blog posting from Brian Glick of YouTube outlining the proposed changes.

The posting received 12,000 comments from mostly annoyed users.

New accounts will automatically be in the new format, but all accounts are due to be switched over on the 15th July.

The call from the users is that if YouTube does not take any notice of them, then they will abandon YouTube for an entire day.

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  1. Shadow says:

    an entire day?

    lord have mercy!

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