Broadband tax may not be enough for all

July 3, 2009

Some industry experts are complaining about the “Broadband Tax” proposed by the government as a way to beef up the UK’s broadband network and help to meet the ‘broadband for all pledge’ of a minimum of 2 Mbps for all households.

BT is saying that the 50p per month levy on all landlines is simply not going to be enough to raise enough cash in order for fibre to be rolled out around the country.

According to the Digital Britain report published by the communications minister Lord Carter, the 50p per landline tax should generate around £1.5 billion.

This is enough to enable the so called final third of the UK to receive a fibre broadband connection.

BT estimates that this money will only provide a fibre connection to around 80% to 85% of the country.


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  1. carl says:

    Bt is a total rip off, they want to charge an extra 50p so they can upgrade to fibre, wth. when i signed up to BT to gain broadband, i had to pay £130 just to get my line put on. i think i’ve already paid for my FO.

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