O2 may step in with a T Mobile bid

July 6, 2009

Just as mobile phone and broadband provider Vodafone considers where rival provider T Mobile would fit into its corporate plans another bidder for the German owned Telecoms Company has emerged.

The Spanish owned O2 could be considering a T Mobile bid too, which makes sense because currently both O2 and Vodafone have almost an equal share of the UK market.

O2 has twenty seven per cent, while rival Vodafone has twenty five per cent, but the acquisition of T Mobile would give either of them around forty per cent UK market share and place them in a very strong position for the future.

T Mobile is estimated to be worth between £2.5 billion and £3.5 billion, although the lower figure is probably closer to where the bidding will start.

There may be some issues as to whether this deal could go ahead as a forty per cent of the market share may be considered a step too far.


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