Sky + HD EPG rollout on schedule

July 6, 2009

The roll out of the new electronic programme guide (EPG) for customers of Sky+ HD is going well and is on schedule, according to the satellite broadcaster.

However, Sky has mentioned that there is still some additional and planned development work being sent over to the owners of Samsung and Amstrad set top boxes.

This rollout is taking some time to complete, considering that the work started back in March when the owners of Thompson set top boxes received their update.

Most of the Pace and Thompson set top boxes have been upgraded now, but there are still thousands customers of Sky who are wondering when their equipment will be getting the upgrade.

According to Sky, it is rolling the service out to long standing customers first.

The new Sky+ HD TV Guide has been seen as a success by those customers who have been lucky enough to receive the upgrade, which is probably why those users without want to know why.


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  1. Chris says:

    If the roll out is going to schedule……. what is the schedule?

    I’ve been with sky for 6 years now. I guess i’m not a long standing customer then…..

  2. martyn elmy says:

    i have been a sky customer since the start of sky sports – years.

    i ordered an hd upgrade from sky+ which took weeks, yet the installation took 10 mins

    so was disappointed to receive a new amstrad box and still have the old epg, which means i cannot add the itv-hd channel.

    bit miffed

  3. Andy says:

    I’ve been with sky for 15 years & I’m still waiting! The rollout is being done by manufacturer. I’ve got a Samsung box, which I’m led to believe will be one of the last to upgrade.

  4. Tj says:

    Ive only been with sky for 6months and i got my EPG 2months ago :)

  5. Chris says:

    Tj… don’t boast about these things.
    I’ve been on with sky and the staff don’t know either. It looks like the manufacturers are doing it.
    If anyone has been upgraded recently, how did it happen? Was it overnight? While the box was on standby? While it was being watched?

    I’m curious that’s all

  6. Rajesh Dhammi says:

    I have just had my sky hd box replaced (for the 4th time) and it has the old epg. I tried the manual upgrade but to no avail.
    This can be done by pulling the power out of your box, wait 1 minute and then plug the power back in. BUT as you do hold the Backup button on the top of the HD box for 30-60 seconds and on your screen you will see that it will display “Updating System Software – Please wait” on the TV. At that point take your finger off the Backup button. Good Luck!

  7. Eddie Ryan says:

    I did what Rajesh Dhammi suggested. Switch off at the mains and pull out the plug, wait 1 minute then replace the plug and switch the power back on and hold the Backup button on the top of the HD box for 30-60 seconds until you see the display on the TV screen.“Updating System Software – Please wait” At that point take your finger off the Backup button. My box is now updated with the new software.
    Nice one Rajesh.

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