BBC says sorry over “Top Gear” Sky+ problem

July 8, 2009

Programme scheduling has dropped the BBC in hot water once more.

This time it is fans of the hit show “Top Gear” that are not too pleased at the BBC’s decision to change the start time of the show in order to make room for the Wimbledon Men’s Final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer.

Initially “Top Gear” was pushed back to 8.30 pm, but because the tennis finished early, the start was changed back.

This messed up the programming for Sky+ viewers because the electronic programme guide (EPG) was not updated at the same time.

As a result, only the last half of the show would have been recorded.

According to the BBC, it believed that the tennis would over run, but as it finished on time the schedules retuned but some EPGs displayed the wrong time.

The show is repeated tonight at 8.00pm on BBC2 and will, of course, be available on the iPlayer too.


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