Map shows mobile broadband not spots

July 9, 2009

It would seem that Scotland and Wales are virtual dead zones when it comes to 3G mobile broadband coverage, according to the industry watchdog Ofcom.

To show consumers where the good and bad areas are, Ofcom has produced 3G mobile broadband maps.

These show that while some areas have an abundance of mobile broadband providers, some areas have nothing at all.

Orange and 3 UK offer the best 3G signals to the largest amount of UK landmass, but it is once again rural areas that are suffering from little of no coverage at all.

These maps will come in useful for consumers considering mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed line broadband which also has poor coverage in rural areas.

Currently Ofcom is working on freeing up radio spectrum space in order to provide greater 3G coverage throughout the UK.


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  1. Nat says:

    So where’s the link to the maps? How can you publish the story without the link?

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