European satellite broadband seeing growth

July 10, 2009

It was two years ago when SES Astra launched its satellite broadband service across Europe and today the company is seeing a growth of around ten thousand new customers each quarter.

The service, known as Astra2Connect, is currently available in fourteen countries across Europe, including the UK.

According to Rapid TV News, the service can provide the end user with faster download speeds and the ability to use online applications such as VoIP.

Satellite broadband is ideal for the regions on Europe where little or no fixed broadband service is available.

In Germany, without access to this service, complete broadband coverage would not have been possible.

It is clear that the initial expense is on the high side and the monthly cost is around £25 per month.

The service is not as cheap, or as fast, as some fixed broadband services can be, but in areas where there is no broadband service at all, it can make a big difference.


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  1. Ray Riches says:

    I like to know more about the Satellite Internet Broadband. I find about it on the wedside. Can you send me more information about it and how lond it would that to set up one at home user. I used Window XP Professional on my computer. cun you tell me how muct it would cost to set up one at home

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