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July 15, 2009

Discovery Channel to run viral pandemic survival show

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by David Allen

The Discovery Channel is planning to broadcast its topical show called “The Colony” which, according to the channel, will be a controlled experiment to see what survivors of a global catastrophe require to survive and rebuild society.

This is very apt when we consider the growth of “Swine Flu”, especially as the world apparently has the worst to come this winter.

The Colony is due to be aired this autumn in the States.

It is going to be a sort of “Big Brother”, where volunteers from various backgrounds are isolated on the outskirts of Los Angeles for ten weeks.

During this time they will have to survive and at the same time create a society where all can live, but considering how these sorts of experiments have gone in the past, it should make for some interesting viewing, as long as it makes it to the UK.

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  1. I have been watching this show, and I must say that it is AWESOME!!! It has a bunch of action as well as a message of hope in the wake of disaster.

    Comment by Spencer — August 23, 2009 @ 12:39 pm

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