Panasonic TVs connect wirelessly to STBs

July 15, 2009

Imagine digital TV without all of those wires and cables.

Wireless TV may sound like something from the future, but the TV manufacturer Panasonic is releasing a range of new TVs that are wireless and are able to connect to other devices.

The reason why nothing like this has appeared on the market before is down to Ofcom.

The regulator has recently opened up part of the 57-66 GHz spectrum for this particular use and Panasonic has not wasted any time in getting its products out on the shelves.

Within the next couple of weeks expect Panasonic to be pushing a range of 46” and 54” plasma TVs.

These work by attaching a receiver to the TV and a transmitter to devices such as a Freeview Box, Sky+ set top box or DVD player.


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