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July 16, 2009

Iran to prosecute satellite firms and employees

by David Allen

The government in Iran is about to take action against those people who cooperate with satellite TV.

Normally this would not be a concern for the UK but one of the main targets is BBC Persia.

The government has been trying to monitor the internet to check links to the likes of CNN, the BBC and AP.

So called citizen journalists are being targeted by the government and anyone seen as cooperating with them will be labelled as a collaborator.

By doing this, the government through the Judiciary, is calling the satellite broadcasters the enemy, making it a dangerous time to be working for a satellite news channel.

It has been compared with the book 1984, in which the government controlled the content that the citizens heard and watched, but in Iran the government is trying to control the technology itself.

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Story link: Iran to prosecute satellite firms and employees

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