Carphone Warehouse to become IPTV Warehouse?

Alan Harten -

After the acquisition of the UK arm of Italian telecoms company Tiscali, Carphone Warehouse is exploring the logistics of becoming an operator of television services in the UK.

Chief executive of Carphone Warehouse Charles Dunstone said that the company is looking into whether the mobile business should expand to include television offerings.

Carphone purchased Tiscali’s UK assets for last week for £26m which includes access to Freeview channels and on demand video content.

While an official decision has not been made about the television operating future, as of the current date programming from Tiscali TV has not been discontinued for the 50,000 customers who subscribed, despite moving to new owners.

Dunstone did comment that the BBC is working on a video on demand and Freeview project that works though a fixed line broadband connection and that the Carphone Warehouse programming service ‘Talk, Talk’ was planning on participating.

According to Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse may now continue to pursue both the BBC project and Tiscali TV so that there is a fallback if one does not work out as planned.

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