T-Mobile searching for iPhones to sell

July 21, 2009

T-Mobile searching for iPhones to sell
T-Mobile is now on the lookout for contract free iPhones throughout the European regions to stop the loss of more customers to 02 after it was discovered that there is a loophole in the O2 exclusivity contract: Apple did not state companies could not sell SIM-free iPhones that are imported from other countries.

While O2 has had the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the UK since 2007, T-Mobile in Germany has the rights to the exclusive sale of the iPhone in Germany which may cause some problems for O2 since it is easy enough to import the models into the UK.

T-Mobile however declined to comment on the report.

The news of the contract loophole arrives amidst rumours that T-mobile is negotiating a contract to sell older models of the iPhone 3G after the exclusive right contract expires for 02 in the next few months.

T-Mobile reported that this rumour was just speculation although industry reports have stated the company’s sales staff have been telling customers they will soon stock the models.


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