BBC iPlayer on Freeview ASAP

July 22, 2009

The famous BBC iPlayer will be appear on Freeview as soon as possible, according to the body responsible for overseeing the development of new set top boxes, the Digital TV Group.

Freeview HD is due to come out in December, and it is the plan to make sure that when the new HD capable equipment goes out, the iPlayer will be included.

Deploying the iPlayer is not as difficult as it first may appear, as the new Freeview HD set top box will require an internet connection, and it is then just a matter of providing the service within the equipment and making sure that it all works correctly.

One of the main issues will be internet speeds, as these vary vastly around the country.

This could be an issue for some Freeview HD users who want to access the iPlayer.


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