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July 22, 2009

Next gen broadband essential for the future

by David Allen

There was a time when the internet was nothing but a tool for communication and educational organisations, but it was loose on the world and today the internet touches almost everyone in the UK.

Yet the UK is struggling to provide even a minimum 2 Mbps service to many parts of the country, with some areas having no broadband at all.

However, according to Peter Phillips, partner for strategy and market developments at Ofcom, speaking at the Westminster eForum keynote seminar ‘Broadband for All?’ next gen broadband is a priority and there is a need to address this right now.

Next gen is being rolled out, all be it slowly by BT, and by Virgin Media which has completed its next gen broadband network, but the question should be, why stop there?

The time limit of 2012 for all homes to have the minimum level of broadband is fast approaching. Decisions have to be made and the wheels set in motion.

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