TV Licence fee should be open to bids

July 23, 2009

Could the future of the TV Licence be put into the hands of bidders?

According to a report written by the MP Frank Field and David Rees it should be.

They say that the TV Licensing scheme should be put up for auction, so that other broadcasters could be in with a chance to get their hands on all that cash.

The report, ‘Auntie’s Dying: Long Live Public Service Broadcasting’, put forward the case that the BBC spends most of the money it receives through the TV Licence scheme to produce entertainment shows, and by doing so the BBC is failing to stick to its remit on public service broadcasting.

The report also suggests that there should be another body set up to run the TV Licensing system, the argument being that an independent body would have greater powers to enforce the rules on public service broadcasting.


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