Sky loses out to Five for “FlashForward”

July 24, 2009

The latest show to come out of the Disney ABC stable is a sci-fi drama series called “FlashForward”.

This is a series that is being touted as the next “Lost”.

As Sky One will be losing “Lost” next year, it seemed a foregone conclusion that the satellite broadcaster would be favourite to snap this new show up as a replacement.

However “Flashforward” will be going to Five, which initially seems to be a strange move but Five is, in fact, a prolific buyer of kids’ content from Disney, for the “Milkshake” sector of the channel.

It would seem that the sci-fi drama series has been given to Five as part of a £10 million deal with Disney ABC.

Traditionally Sky One never lets a good show pass it by for long.


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  1. Kasha says:

    Typo instead of However “Flashforward” will going to Five,


    However “Flashforward” will BE going to Five,

  2. Brian Turner says:

    Thanks – corrected. :)

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