In-flight satellite TV with Continental

July 27, 2009

Air passengers flying with the USA’s Continental Airlines will soon be able to watch premium satellite content while in the air, following the installation of DirecTV satellite systems onto fifteen planes.

There are also plan to fit the system to the airline’s fleet of two hundred planes by the end of 2010.

This system will allow the passenger to view live content on the screens fitted into the back of the seat, as well as other recorded content from over seventy-seven TV channels.

DirecTV costs $6 per flight in economy class, while in first access to the system will be free of charge.

However, once the plane lands and the aircraft door is opened, the passenger will need to swipe their credit card again to view.

The channels available on this service include: CBS, NBC, Fox, USA Network, Discovery Channel, A&E, CNN, ESPN, Animal Planet, The History Channel, the Food Network, Sci-Fi (SyFy), Planet Green and ESPN.


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