£120 a year iPhone streaming service

July 28, 2009

£120 a year iPhone streaming service
The new iPhone application, Spotify, is designed to give audio fans a new streaming service to download music, but its price tag may leave many people in shock, weighing in at a hefty £120 a year.

The price tag seems a bit high in light of the failures of Virgin and HMV to provide music streaming services that were able to stay afloat and the struggling Napster service in the UK, but Spotify seems to be depending on the trendiness of iPhone users to take the large cost in their stride.

While it may seem to be a large hope, iPhone users are willing to dish out hundreds to get an iPhone or upgrade so Spotify may not be too far off base.

In fact, between iPhone and iPod Touch users, over 1.5 billion apps have been downloaded, with costs that range from £1-£10.

Apple has built its popular iPhone image on the fact that it will take cash to get the best services available for the iPhone and users have responded in storm, even with the current economic conditions.

Spotify is a web service that allows you to create your own playlists from record albums online, with radio advertisements in between songs unless you are willing to pay £10 per month for advertisement free radio.

Until now its downfall was you could not take your playlists with you, until the development of the iPhone application.

However, Apple has not yet released a statement regarding the application, and as it has the sole discretion in deciding which applications are permissible on the iPhone platform, it may be tempted to veto the Spotify App as it closely resembles Apple’s own iTunes.


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