No Google Voice on iPhones

July 29, 2009

No Google Voice on iPhones

Bad news for those who have been waiting for VoIP on their iPhones, as Apple has put the end to the incorporation of the Google Voice application.

Google confirmed the denial on Monday saying that Apple did not approve of the application but that Google would continue to offer its other applications, such as its query search engine, to iPhone users.

Apple decided to not only pull Google Voice, but also all other applications that may rely on Google Voice.

GV Mobile which produced one of these newly banned applications stated the reason was because the application has duplicate features that already are installed in the iPhone mobile device.

While there is not yet a definite reason behind Apple’s decision not to allow Google Voice, speculation around the decision is that AT&T requested the free VoIP application not be allowed since it does not result in revenues for the mobile provider. contributor John Gruber pinpointed AT&T as the reason for the dismissal of the Google application, but went on to say that Apple may have also had their own motives in mind, since Google also produces the Android which is in direct competition to the Apple mobile operating system.

Google Voice is still expected to become available on the Android as well as Blackberry mobiles.

Not that Google is short on expansion plans as a new computer operating system is in the works as well as electronic book reading device.


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