Tesco Mobile unlimited data plan

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Tesco Mobile unlimited data plan
For the first time in the UK, a mobile provider has offered an unlimited data plan to consumers allowing mobile consumers to text, browse, and talk for as long as they want.

The plan was announced by Tesco Mobile and is priced at £30 per month and is only for SIM activated mobiles.

The only parameters surrounding the ‘unlimited’ deal is a fair usage policy that maintains that the amount of texts, browsing, and calls should not go over the equivalent of £500, which is a pretty tough feat to accomplish unless you are actively trying.

CEO Lance Batchelor of Tesco said that its new contract is the only one in the mobile market that allows mobile users to use the services they want, such as text over voice calls, without worrying what the bill will look like at the end of the month.

Batchelor also said it will give people more freedom on their mobiles, as for once there is no uncertainty about how a mobile bill is going to look by the end of the month since the amount is fixed.

Industry experts speculate that since Tesco is an offshoot of O2 with a licensing agreement to use the giant’s network, that O2 may be spurred into creating an unlimited data plan in the future as well.

The addition of unlimited data and phone calls by 02 of course would lead to competition from the other large mobile broadband providers across the UK as well.

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