Ofcom’s claims are out of date


A lot was made out of the recent Ofcom report claiming that no broadband user in the UK actually gets the top end of advertised speeds and in fact the UK average broadband connection speed is currently 4.1 Mbps.

However according to telecom and broadband supplier BT, these claims and figures are out of date and unreliable.

BT claims that it has been moving customers onto more advanced and therefore faster broadband connections.

These services also offer the user a more reliable service during the peak hours, another concern that Ofcom pointed out.

At the same time, BT is following cable broadband provider Virgin Media to roll out the fibre optic network.

Currently this is being tested in London and Wales, but the full rollout is due to start early next year.

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  1. Alan says:

    This report is most certainly not out of date. I have a brand new BT line that was put in less than a month ago. It is supposedly a 6Mbps line, but it has yet to achieve more than 1.8Mbps. When I called them I was told, by someone in India, that I shouldn’t expect it to get any faster.

    This rings true at work too. We have recently had a 100Mbps line put in, again by BT. The day after installation I was able to get about 67Mbps out of it but have failed to get above 7.9Mbps since.

    Stop lying to us BT!

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