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July 31, 2009

Sky Channel in 3D on the way

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by Alan Harten

Sky Channel in 3D on the waySky has released news that a Sky Channel in 3D will hit airwaves in 2010 with an entire list of 3D shows through the Sky+HD box.

The 3D channel is supposed to have a wide range of broadcast offerings from sports to news to entertainment so you will have plenty of choices when it comes to what you want jumping off the screen at you.

In order to view the channel you will need a new 3DTV, but you can access it with the same Sky box.

Viewers will also need to purchase ‘polarising glasses.’

Sky has also announced plans to release a new VOD service as an additional asset to the current Sky Anytime offering.

3D works by tricking the eyes with different lighted images for each eye, making images appear to be three dimensional even while portrayed on a two dimensional screen.

Sky has already trialled the 3D concept with some success, showing a live concept of Keane performing from Abbey Road Studios back in April.

Industry experts predict that if 3D television becomes standard then 3DTVs will be able to capture 10% of global sales by 2011, but if there is no standard, sales will drop by 3%.

Due to the recession the future of 3DTV is unclear, as consumers will be hesitant to make an investment in new technology until they have enough viewing choices to make it worthwhile and production teams will be hesitant of investing in content until they know people will be watching.

Story link: Sky Channel in 3D on the way

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