Virgin follows Tesco unlimited plan

July 31, 2009

Virgin follows Tesco unlimited plan
Virgin Media will soon launch an unlimited mobile phone contract on an 18 month term that provides for unlimited texts and calls, in the wake of yesterday’s news that Tesco Mobile has launched a similar plan.

The new ‘unlimited’ plan, titled the ‘ultimate’ by Virgin Media, will cost users £65 a month, a sharp comparison to Tesco’s offer of £30 per month.

However, Virgin Media is able to offer a few smartphones unlike Tesco’s offerings.

Unlimited is just a term here as users may expect, given that Virgin Media’s fair usage policy dictates that even on the unlimited plan users are limited to 3000 minutes, 3000 Virgin to Virgin minutes, and 300 texts with only 1GB of data usage a month.

The contract is not yet available however on the Virgin Mobile website, so excited users will simply have to wait to sign up or choose the £35 tariff which offers 800 minutes and unlimited data and texts.

As of right now it is anyone’s guess when the plan will become available, although with the recent announcement it can be expected to arrive within the next several months.


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