FCC attacks iPhone Google Voice ban

August 3, 2009

Apple may be regretting its decision to exclude Google Voice from its iPhone application lists since the FCC decided last night to launch a formal investigation into the process that ended in the decision not to utilise Google Voice, starting with the delivery of letters to AT&T, Google, and Apple.

While the FCC’s concern over the matter may seem odd, given that Apple rejects iPhone apps on a daily basis, the decision not to allow Google Voice has caused a great amount of discussion and the FCC is taking a step towards making mobile broadband as open as the Internet and taking the control out of mobile carriers’ hands.

Currently, applications that utilise the internet via mobile broadband and applications that exist solely on the internet, run in two different manners.

Those that run from the internet are free for development in any way possible, while mobile application developments are dependent on adoption by mobile carriers that you subscribe with.

As mobile broadband becomes one of the most popular ways to connect to the internet, an argument has ensued over whether the internet should remain an open forum via both venues.

While this may come as bad news to AT&T and all other wireless carriers who control the applications available on their services, Google executives are probably out celebrating, as the company urged the FCC to make an official principle that would allow open access for applications in the mobile environment.

Rumours throughout the industry suggest that Apple will hide behind regulation problems to defend its exclusion of the Google Voice application from the iPhone.


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  1. Alex says:

    Time has changed. Apple is forbidding iPhone users to install Google Voice app called “GV Mobile” on the device. They decided to take it off App Store. Why? Just because.
    This smart phone is essentially a computer with operating system and an ability to install third party software like any other computer. When I called Apple, tech support representative informed me that Apple does not have to explain why they are forbidding me to install Google apps after I purchased device planning to use it with Google Voice. She also informed me that App Store is like any other store has right to choose what they put on their shelves.
    Well, I respect their choice, but the last time I checked in my neighborhood mall none of their stores are FORBIDING me to use products from anywhere else but from their store. Does Apple respect my choice? Communist China government did not dare to make Lenovo give me a list of software I can install on my laptop. Lenovo respects my choice because they know what will happen with their laptops if they would try to deny this choice to people in free world.
    Just imagine what would happen if Microsoft would make an agreement with Comcast and set up a list of software you are allowed to install. What if they allow you to connect to internet only through Comcast? What if Comcast decides they don’t like some software and a week later Microsoft would FORBID using it without any meaningful explanation? That would definitely be considered mafia-like behavior and nobody would tolerate it.
    We are not tolerating this behavior neither from China, US government, Microsoft, nor from Comcast. For how long are we going to tolerate this behavior from Apple? I erased my iPhone, I smashed it with hammer and I will send it on Monday to Steve Jobs, c/o Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014
    Time has changed.

  2. Marcus says:

    Gv Mobile is currently available in app form via Cydia,

    By the way? Once Google Voice is compatible in Non-us countries, whats stopping Apple from releasing it for example on the UK app store

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