UK’s broadband plans should be more ambitious

August 3, 2009

For those places in the UK where the broadband connection speeds are low, or where there is no broadband connection at all, the government’s pledge for a minimum 2 Mbps broadband service will sound like heaven.

However, according to the federation of small businesses, around seventy thousand of its members actually already have a 2 Mbps service and they are complaining that even this speed is not fast enough to run some basic online applications.

The problem for the government is that the network is old and needs a complete overhaul to change the copper wire to fibre optic cable.

BT is following the cable broadband provider Virgin Media by rolling this technology out, but even when this is completed not every home will be able to get fast broadband.

According to the figures presented by the Country Land and Business Association, around forty two per cent of rural homes are unable to get broadband.


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