12 viruses, per computer, per hour

Alan Harten -

Network Box, a security firm, announced that email viruses have increased by about 300% in the last three months alone, with reports showing that in July of this year the number of virus threats on the Internet peaked at about 12 viruses per customer every hour, the highest it has been in 2009.

The largest source of Internet threats is the US which is responsible for 16.59%, closely followed by Brazil at 14.11% and Korea at 6.2%.

It is alarming however that India has shown a large increase in virus threats at 5.2% which is the largest proportion of threats ever to originate from India, although it should not be surprising given that India is becoming a large IT powerhouse.

Internet Security Analyst, Simon Heron of Network Box said that with India becoming a major force in the economy due to its large IT industry it is not surprising India would have a larger number of threats.

Heron continued to say that due to the large amount of middle class citizens in India who now have computers without a clear regulation system, there are many illegal copies of operating systems without updates that occur automatically thus once they become infected they start to spread malware continuously without concern.

The US still tops the list of security threats, but it should be noted that the percentage is down from 21% in June while also reducing the amount of spam spread from the country to 10.2% from 11.2%.

The bright news on the horizon may also be that malware writers are not creating new malware in the last several months according to Symantec MessageLabs latest intelligence report, however even this is tainted with the news from Symantec that spammers are becoming much more active with the use of multi-lingual messages.

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