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August 4, 2009

Faster broadband needed in Lincolnshire

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by David Allen

Lincolnshire is well known for being a large area with remote communities and apparently a broadband service that is unreliable at best and unavailable in many parts of the region, despite the area being flat.

This issue has been taken up by a group of MPs, who are calling for more investment in the region as it is estimated that businesses could be losing tens of thousands of pounds due to a poor, or very slow, broadband service.

According to the local press,, the MPs are receiving complaints from local businesses that are having problems with broadband speed and connections.

The issues that companies are experiencing range from not being able to send emails, to having problems with buying, selling and marketing.

Because of this poor broadband service, firms are unlikely to move to the area and therefore this could be holding the region back.

Story link: Faster broadband needed in Lincolnshire

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