Zeemote gaming on Blackberry

August 4, 2009

Zeemote gaming on Blackberry
Zeemote, manufacturer of wireless products for mobile phones, announced yesterday that it has released a version of the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Control that is compatible for use with all Blackberry smartphones that come equipped with a trackball.

The new JS1 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller has a thumb stick and four buttons that allow users to get complete control over any game they may be playing on their mobile phones, much like the control over playing a game on a standard gaming platform.

Plus, the remote is easy to carry alongside a mobile, weighing in at only 57 grams and with an ergonomic design that will make all 50+ hours of fun with two AAA batteries easy on your hands.

In order to make the remote compatible with all Blackberrys, the device has the Zeekey Software application built into it so that it can be used on all mobile games.

Thus, after installing the Zeekey app onto a Blackberry smartphone the controller is instantly usable.

For those who are not into gaming, the Zeemote JS1 also allows users to navigate throughout their home menu and is compatible for navigational purposes with almost all the other available Blackberry Apps.

It also can be used as a remote for media players, making it easier to shuffle through playlists.

The controller is expected to reach store shelves soon and has already won critical acclaim in the gaming world, dubbed the ‘Gaming Sensation of 2009’ by a well watched UK technology television show.


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