Sunny USB charger

August 10, 2009

It’s about time someone made a USB connection that can charge devices, and thanks to Sanyo now if you are stranded without an electrical outlet but have some sunlight you can.

The new Eneloop Potable solar panels by Sanyo can plug into a device via a USB device allowing you to charge a mobile phone.

However, while the premise may sound simple the execution is not so carefully laid out so you have to be pretty willing to save the environment if you want to give this device a try.

The panels themselves are small, but in order to store the solar energy that you harvest with them you need to have the Enelop Mobile Booster which weighs about 2.5 ounces. This connects to the solar panels and the mobile device as the receiver and distributor so to speak.

Of course, if the Booster is not fully powered you cannot harvest the solar power so you may also need your laptop with you to charge the Booster.

Now here’s the catch, how do you power your laptop if it dies considering it takes anywhere from a day and a half to three days to fully charge the Booster? Looks like you may not want to get stranded after all.

For those who are still interested, or at least curious, the Portable Solar Panels will retail in Japan stating August 10th for about $90 for one panel and $150 for a double panel.


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