Faster broadband does not encourage online TV viewing

August 11, 2009

The growth of video on demand (VoD) has been fuelled by the rollout of broadband and therefore is should also be in line with broadband connection speeds, as a faster service means faster downloading times.

Yet according to a survey conducted by YouGov and Deloitte for the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, faster broadband speeds will not necessarily mean that a growth in the viewing of online video services will follow.

However, these claims are hard to back up with facts when just one service, the iPlayer from the BBC, was only launched at the end of 2007, but has accumulated over five hundred million requests for content.

With the launch of MSN Video and the proposed launch of Hulu, it can only be assumed that VoD will increase over time.


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  1. Ian L says:

    my connection isn’t fast/reliable enough to stream video. My cell is fast enough, but I don’t want to use too much data transfer on it. If I had a 3 Mbps connection instead of a 512 kbps one I’d certainly stream a lot more video. I know this because at school I have 8 Mbps cable, and I stream dozens of gigs of video every month.

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