Northern Ireland biggest mobile user

August 13, 2009

Northern Ireland biggest mobile users
Those in Northern Ireland were found to rely on their mobile phones more than those who live in other UK regions, with 93% of households owning a mobile, according to new results from an Ofcom study, an increase of 8% from 2008.

The Ofcom study also showed that out of these households a stunning 52% do not rely on landlines for their phone call needs.

Across the UK the average of households who do not use their landlines is 38%.

In fact, 24% of the homes in Belfast alone only use mobile phones for their connection to the outside world, which is about double the average across the UK.

Rural households have shown the most increase across the UK in mobile reliance, with usage increasing from 84% to 95% in just the last year.

More people in Northern Ireland stated that they would keep their current phone over an upgrade, a whopping 81% compared with 70% across the UK.

91% of all homes in the region are also now reported to have some type of digital television in their homes.

Also on the increase in Northern Ireland is broadband use, which is up 12% to 64% of all households.

Northern Ireland also has the highest usage of iPods or other MP3 players, with 46% of all households reporting that they own the multimedia device, which is higher than any other area of the UK.


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