92% of IPhone 3GS users ‘very satisfied’

August 17, 2009

Ofcom wants provider changes to take 2 hours
A new survey reports that the iPhone 3GS has been successful due to the fact that the iPhone continues to be innovative and its customers have stayed loyal to its manufacturing company, Apple.

According to the survey which was conducted by the BC/IQ ChangeWave polling company, over 99% of iPhone customers said that they were ‘satisfied’ with their mobiles and an additional 92% reported they were ‘very satisfied’ with their iPhone 3GS mobiles.

Among the most appreciated features on the iPhone was ease of use for third party applications and its touch screen interface.

The negative reported features of the iPhone include its short battery life, the exclusive contract with AT&T as a network provider, and the lack of support in users’ IT departments for the iPhone.

The survey also found that 41% of the people who purchased the iPhone 3GS previously owned the prior model.

Those who purchased the iPhone 3GS for the first time split down the line with 18% switching from a Motorola device, 11% from a Nokia mobile, 6% from a Palm mobile, and 8% from a Sanyo mobile.

Thus, it is safe to say that while the insiders of the mobile industry may be willing to gripe about the new mobile iPhone devices, the general consumer is actually quite satisfied with the mobile, which gives Apple a lot of power in terms of marketing and pricing power.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. Will says:

    Well mark me down as one of the 1% who aren’t “satisfied”. Despite a very minute hardware upgrade, I find that too much of what made the phone unusable for me is unchanged. The 3.2 MP camera is a joke. The quality is no better than the 2.0 MP in the previous model. The only thing it brings to the table is video recording.

    Why can’t I download a sound clip off the internet and send it to someone as an MMS? Why can’t I load files on my iPhone and then access them later? Apple has completely locked users out of their phone and most of the updates the company releases are designed to undo the hacks that people apply to give themselves these features. A perfect example is tethering. There is a patch you can apply to a non-jailbroken iPhone that will give you the ability to tether. It works like a dream. The 3.1 patch negates that feature. Why? Because Apple and AT&T want to have complete control over the phone and how users use it. You will never be able to install your own browser or modify the user interface (which is boring).

    The iPhone is a great overall device. It’s perfect for people who don’t know how to use their phones or get the most out of them. For those of us who are power users, it is woefully inadequate and can’t even really be called a “smartphone”.

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