No Zune for Windows Media Center DV-MS

August 17, 2009

No Zune for Windows Media Center DV-MS
Many industry experts speculated that with the upcoming release of Zune HD and CEDIA Windows Media Center, other platforms by Microsoft may get new integrated features.

However, the new specs list issued by Microsoft shows that this will not be the case, as it reports that HDTV and Windows Media Center DV-MS will not be supported on Zune.

Thus, even thought you may be able to receive HD broadcasts from outside sources, the Zune software will not be able to convert the signals, allowing you to view them.

Recordings from Windows Media Center while on the move should be playable on the Zune player still, however DVR recording will not be compatible.

The main selling point of the Zune however is not the platform support, but instead the fact that you can plug a Zune HD into an HDTV player and stream high quality media at any other location.

Additionally, the device is good for up to 8.5 hours of video streaming or 33 hours of music playback which should be suitable to meet most people’s needs since you cannot fit much more viewing into a one day time span anyhow.

In terms of the iPhone, Zune’s main competitor, Zune wins when it comes to price, HD integration, and of course battery life, which is the major downfall reported by most iPhone users.


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