Singapore uses Power Grid for IPTV

August 17, 2009

Singapore Telecommunications can now secure its reliable IPTV home network provisions due to the introduction of Comtrend’s Power Grid 902 adaptor, which is a similar model to the DS2’s Aitana power line chipset for communications.

SingTel will now be able to offer an ITPV service with the new power grid for use as an adaptor to bridge a local network with home networking, so that setup is simply a ‘plug and play’ process.

The company’s IPTV service already has a set-top box that allows for multiple room connections that are capable of receiving DVR features.

It also features a multiple use wall socket so that subscribers can access the IPTV service and still use their power outlet for other purposes within the home.

This socket also acts as a filter for better quality viewing.

The prototype for the new service, the DS2 chipset, is able to offer PHY data transfers at a rate of 200Mbps when used with the firmware provided by DS2.

It also has TRO69-compliant management for remote access which should help SingTel control and manage the devices that are placed within a user’s home network.

The DS2 chipset utilises the standard to allow for easy home network standard wiring and supplies power line circuits that fit the standard for Smart Grid, Ethernet, and Digital Home over all Coax applications.

Additionally, it has built in quality of service programming so that data services take the backseat to video and voice services so that all applications offer a high level of performance.


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