Nokia netbook rumours confirmed by CEO

August 21, 2009

Nokia netbook rumours confirmed by CEO
A netbook built by Nokia could soon be on the shelf of an electronics store near you, following a confirmation by the Finnish phone maker’s CEO that the firm is investigating the netbook market.

Rumours of a Nokia netbook were fuelled by an announcement of a partnership with Intel.

Intel’s processors are too power-hungry for phone handbooks, revealing Nokia’s intentions to build something bigger.

Now Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has proved the rumour-mongers correct.

“The PC and the mobile will continue to come closer and merge”, he told journalists at a press conference in India.

“A lot of opportunity can be seen in this converged area. We at Nokia are actively looking at this converged market.

“We are looking at the netbook market to see what kind of opportunity is there,”

The comments are the strongest evidence yet that Nokia has its sights set on releasing a netbook.

Netbooks, designed for basic word processing and surfing the internet, are aimed at users looking for a fully portable PC.

While Nokia expands into the netbook market, PC makers Dell and Acer are working on plans to release smartphones.

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