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August 24, 2009

A major piece of spam at work from - high volume blog spam and high volume referrer spam at the same time.

The most insidious part of it is that appears to be solely built to promote the website - which in itself appears to be a big ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are nothing new - aside from Bernard Madoff’s high-profile scheme which fooled high-brow investors, the internet is awash with smaller ponzi schemes.

The scam is simple - investors are offered a “guaranteed” return ever day, week, or month.

The trouble is, these returns can only be paid so long as new members join the scheme - with the investments from new members paying the “guaranteed” returns on the previous investors.

The whole thing falls apart when the number of new investors drops to such a degree that returns can no longer be paid.

The scheme collapses, and everyone finds they don’t have any money to withdraw - the scam originator disappears with their profit.

What is even more disturbing is how the website tries to pass off as a regular investment program - using the words “Aim” to reflect the listed AIM Alternative Investment Market, and the word “trust” to imply a registered Trust with guarantors.

The result is a nasty scam that does everything to mislead and misrepresent itself.

Please note, you cannot operate a registered trust in the UK without coming under specific government regulations, and all financial trading in the UK is regulated by the FSA - as the website “” does not appear listed as regulated on the FSA website, you can be assured it isn’t - underlining the fact it is trying to mislead and defraud investors.

In the meantime, both the domains and are heavily involved in referrer spamming - sending false referrer information to a mass of websites to try and gain traffic from curious webmasters checking their logs.

Additionally, is also on a wave of blog spam comments, trying to claim - in very bad English - that the person commentating is making a lot of money. If so, they are not doing so from investing, but through fraud.

To put the icing on the cake - is hosted in Belarus, one of a number of states that broke away from Russia and notorious for internet fraud. The website claims to be a South African company, with a website, hosted in the British Virgin Islands - a well known tax haven - but both domains are registered anonymously to prevent anyone actually finding out who the owner is.

Not the most re-assuring action from a company trying to claim to be a compliant investment company - spamming the internet, set up to look like a ponzi scheme, originating in an ex-Soviet state, and trying to hide ownership details.

You have been warned.


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  1. Andrias L. says:

    Hey, pal, you aren’t right. The firm is not South African, it’s Panamian with a financial license. If we take for granted one bullshit from one f…g referral we may go very far. Spam is not good, agree, but a milking cow isn’t worth beating.

  2. Peach says:

    They have spammed several blogs I own on all different topics, (humor, money, tech, relationships - body art FFS,) all from

    I’m fed up with it, it’s ridiculous.

  3. Peach says:

    They have spammed several blogs I own on all different topics, (humor, money, tech, relationships - body art FFS,) all from

    I’m fed up with it, it’s ridiculous.

  4. Randy says:

    I have reported these above firms to the SEC last week, yes as a 20 year professional in the financial trade I believe AIM trust and it’s many supporting sites are very wrong. I applaud anyone that would also try to inform, the public to help prevent these perpetrators from hurting others.


  5. Walt says:

    Hi there,

    Yes, I have noticed this person too on about 200 blogs I run. I have left several comments on her lousy site but they refuse to stop blog spamming and so on.

    They obviously are newbie people who have just found the so called key to internet wealth.

    Eventually they hopefully realize it is indeed unethical practice and they might stop their annoying spamming.

    If not, they will get more people against them and you never know, the next Ddos attack will be theirs…

    Hopefully they will stop.

  6. Suneel says:

    This is so true. And now theinvestblog has even mentioned this site stating that some nice guy has written about them ;)

    They are going around and commenting on my blog like hell for which I have put them under spam. Hope they are taken off soon. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. as says:

    thanks, that explains the constant referral references in my logs to a website that I can not find any links from….mystery solved.

    I\d take the warning on this site seriously, after a little investigating you can see that they are scams, the woman on investblog doesn’t even exist.

  8. Leighton says:

    This site is definitely running bots, I have received numerous hits on my site from that site, and yet I can’t find any links on the blog to my site at all.


  9. as says:

    they now redirect to aim if you type in their original blog url….hmmmm.

  10. as says:

    The new referral seems to be theblogmoney,com now

  11. SameHere says:

    Same here, a ton of referral spam. These people need to give it up.

  12. Tanya says:

    That happened to my site also - heaps of referrer traffic in the stats but no links on that site. Thanks for shedding some light on it. :) It was a bit confusing.

  13. Me says:

    Who cares? Get a clue and set up your blog with an spam trapper and then sleep well at night. Use your time more constructively than complaining about spam proliferators on blog.

    Now those prescription drug spammers … that is a cause worth fighting . Drug kills! anti-depressants, viagra, cialis, happy drugs, anxiety drugs, downers, uppers, pappy wappy, loopity loop, headache drugs, blah blah blah.

    Anyone who believes you can get 3% or 1% a day are going in with full knowledge of what they are getting in to. The Madoff ‘victims’ aren’t victimized as much as everyone wants us to believe.

    If the stock market and investment instruments allll over the world are tanking 50-90%, and your portfolio is gaining a consistent ROI percentage, DOH! Anyone with commonsense would wonder why and if they could have kept on this rollercoaster for the next 10 years, they would not have complained a bit. What their real beefi is “DARN! Why did Madoff get busted. Now, I’m teed off. WAAAHHH!!”

    Get a clue.

    Just Me

  14. Rune Jensen says:

    Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

    I know it is a bit late to reply, but I just did another research on the site like you did, and well… It is pretty funny actually, that these guys do not really make an effort in hiding their unethical actions. I have setup a WIP version of SpamTask on my own website, which checks referrers for spam behavior, and it catches all so-to-be visits from AimTrust with 100 % certainty every time.

    AimTrust is obviously scam (hopefully everyone can see that) and a very Madoff-like company. But unlike Madoff, these guys are all shouting about it, which means that it will probably not take as long time for people to realize that, as it did with Madoff.

    Sadly however, I see forums and discussions popping up on Google, which contains encouragement to join the program from many different people. Possibly, real people (who are being fooled), and I would therefore advise everyone to join and participate in such a forum thread, if you come across one, and either refer to this blog post or explain the scam yourself. People need to be warned.

  15. TnT says:

    Ah, thank goodness we see now it’s happening to other people too - it’s NOT nice, but at least we now don’t feel so confused anymore. It’s been a while now that we’ve been getting hits to our site from aimtrust and when we go to their site, we can’t find a link to our site there. It’s frustrating and ugly. They have a bad reputation and we don’t want our site associated with theirs. Trying to contact them has been a useless and frustrating experience.

  16. Lain says:

    The amount of referral spam as a webmaster is getting to be a real annoyance. But easy to block.

    If anyone want to perform some more aggressive look into this here is some data as to who “claims” to own the site.

    Safe Assets S.A.
    Edif. Neptuno, Planta Baja, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Tumba Muerto
    Ciudad de Panamá,
    República de Panamá

    With most of the traffic for this site ranking high in these countries….Belarus, Ukraine, Nigeria anyone who is stupid enough to place their money with them deserves to be scammed….Most certainly a scam I have ever seen one. If the referral spam does not stop, they may have a new problems to deal with as my patience for such things has limitations.

  17. Header says:

    This site is definitely running bots, I have received numerous hits on my site from that site, and yet I can’t find any links on the blog to my site at all.

  18. johan says:

    F….ING HELL!!


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