iPhone in legal trouble over i.TV photo

August 25, 2009

Apple is facing a lawsuit over its iPhone App Store’s i.TV application, from US photographer Louis Psihoyosis, who claims the company used a photograph of his that was stored on the iPhone media application.

The photograph is the same curved wall of television screens that was the source of a previous lawsuit against Apple by Psihoyosis, when Apple used it in an advertising campaign without his approval.

In that case, the lawsuit was withdrawn and it was assumed among most that a settlement was reached between the two parties out of court.

The prominent heart of the case will be the way Apple controls third party application content, and if the APP store approval process needs to be revamped or not.

Apple also received heat from Yahoo recently when the company had to wait two weeks from Apple for approval of the new upgraded Yahoo Messenger Application.

Product manager of Yahoo, Sarah Bacon complained on the Yahoo Messenger Blog that Apple had delayed the approval process of the update when compared to the normal time frame it takes to make an application available to the public.

However, soon after Bacon complained on the blog, she discovered that it was Yahoo’s fault as the company withdrew the update to make a few changes and then resubmitted the application, causing the delay in the approval process.

Although Bacon apologised, many are in an uproar about the claims she made about Apple, and point out that the lines of communication must be mixed up at Yahoo if the product manager was not aware of the changes.


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