Channel 4 goes 3D in the autumn

August 26, 2009

Channel 4 goes 3D in the autumn
Channel 4 will begin to air its 3D broadcasting this autumn by providing viewers with a selection of shows that will utilise ColorCode technology.

In order to view the shows in 3D you will need to head over to Sainsbury’s which has partnered with Channel 4 to provide 3D specs for viewers.

The 3D glasses will be free to customers and can be found at 500 Sainsbury’s nationwide.

Included in the 3D lineup this autumn is The Greatest Ever 3D moments and Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular.

The Queen will also be aired in a two part series that is a compilation of 3D moments including the 1953 Coronation and the past years Garter Ceremony that took place at Windsor Castle.

Additionally, although Channel 4 has not yet released any details, it is expected that a few 3D films will run throughout the trial week as well.

Channel 4 has beaten Sky to 3D television, but viewers still may want to look forward to Sky 3D television due to the fact that the company will use a more high tech 3D broadcasting technology.

Channel 4 is also currently looking for advertisers who are willing to produce 3D advertisements for their products during the trial run of the new station this autumn.


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