TalkTalk condemns anti piracy plans

August 26, 2009

The plan to tackle online piracy, announced by the government, has quickly come under fire from many people involved in the industry, including the internet service provider TalkTalk.

According to TalkTalk, the government’s proposals are impractical and are likely to breach human rights and privacy laws.

The proposals put forward in the Digital Report earlier this year were more or less supported by the industry, as they offered a more sensible approach but, all of sudden, all of that has gone and new draconian rules are being planned.

There are situations where the evidence for illegal downloading is going to be unreliable, as there are many accounts that have multi users, such as families and those that share a house like students.

There is also the possibility of Wi-Fi hijacking, yet under the new proposals the customer can be cut off with no warning.


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