UK iPhone TV guide

August 27, 2009

UK iPhone TV Guide
Jersey Productions, a Swedish iPhone app development studio, has announced the launch of a new TV guide application for iPhone users in the UK.

According to Fredrik Hellstrom who founded the company, the new Swedish version of the TV Guide application was huge in March, causing the company to consider building a UK TV guide application.

Hellstrom stated that the application is similar in format to the Swedish version but lists British TV lists and channels of course instead.

The Wikimedia Foundation also released a new application that is available to iPhone users for free called the Wikimedia Mobile, which allows users to access most of the same information on a wide range of topics available on the traditional Wikipedia website.

The Foundation stated that the application will be much simpler for iPhone users to use than the surfing the web on their browser and also allows users to save their search history on the application for easy access next time.

While other encyclopaedias have launched their own applications for the iPhone that may have a few more features, the Foundation said that they focus on simplicity and speed of use instead of overloading consumers.

Users are welcome to leave feedback for the Wikimedia Foundation so that in the future the group can update its application to meet the needs of users.

Since the iTunes App Store was launched for the iPod Touch and iPhone, in July of 2008, over 1.5b applications have been sold.


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