Fake Snow Leopard sites warning

September 1, 2009

Cyber criminals hoping to catch out Apple users are posting sites that they hope will be able to cash in on the release of the Apple Snow Leopard operating system.

These sites are offering Snow Leopard OS upgrades but, as internet users should know, all these sites are offering is a dose of malware that will install an Apple DNS changer Trojan, which is malware that comes as a MAC OS X mountable Disk Image file (.DMG).

According to Trend Micro, the JAHLAV-K malware is specific to Apple users and will redirect any web browsing to phishing sites and other infected web pages.

The anti virus firm Sophos has mentioned that other attacks were also noted, like the Foxit PDF Reader software for Apple Macs.

This is where a pirated version comes pre loaded with the Jahlav Trojan Horse.


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  1. Mike says:

    I only thought virus and malware problems affected Windows PC users… thats what the commercials tell me. Hmm..

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