Queen goes 3D on 4

September 1, 2009

Queen goes 3D on 4
Channel 4 is about to do more than broadcast the Queen in technicolor, as it will broadcast clips from her coronation year in full 3D glory.

The scenes have not yet been released to the public making the experience even more enjoyable.

Programmers who were behind the creation of the 3D special stated that viewers will feel as if the Queen is walking by them while viewing the footage.

The standard dark blue and amber lenses will allow images to pop up as if they were moving out of the television.

In order to view the 3D special, 3D glasses are needed which are available at Sainsbury supermarkets for free the week before the special is set to air on Channel 4.

Directed by Bob Angell with footage that was filmed by Arthur Wooster, The Queen, will be a two hour long show.

Those who forget to pick up the viewing glasses can still watch the program, but it will appear like any other broadcast without the glasses.

In order to watch the 3D special viewers do not need a special television and can even view it on a live stream via their laptops.

After The Queen airs, viewers will want to hang onto their glasses because Channel 4 will also be airing two more specials titled Darren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular and The Greatest Ever 3D Moments.

The latter will include footage from Doctor Who and Jaws 3D as part of its offerings.


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