Braidwood 'good news' for data encryption

September 2, 2009

Intel’s new Braidwood technology is “good news” for firms using data encryption because it will enable magnetic hard drives to reassert their dominance as the storage medium of choice, a storage systems specialist claimed this week.

Origin Storage said Braidwood, which boosts the speed of magnetic hard drives, will knock back attempts by solid state drives (SSDs) to make magnetic drives redundant.

“Braidwood will boost magnetic drives at the expense of solid state drives,” said Andy Cordial, Origin Storage managing director.

“This is good news for companies planning to use encrypted technology to secure their data, as it’s a lot easier to integrate encryption with magnetic drives that their SSD equivalents.

“SSDs have their place, but when it comes to the all-round flexibility that magnetic drives offer, there really is no competition.

“For the time being, magnetic drives will remain top of the tree.”

Braidwood speeds up PC boot times, makes applications launch more quickly, and improves overall computer speed.


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