New wave of SQL attacks from China

September 2, 2009

A data security specialist firm, Imperva, has noticed something interested about the large group of SQL attacks that are being launched against websites; most of them seemingly coming from China.

Chief technology officer of Imperva, Amichai Shulman, stated that the company has traced the attacks over the last month, and the automated attacks all come from IP addresses that are located in China.

It is interesting due to the fact that most botnet attacks come from several different countries around the globe.

He added that the attacks seem to be centred on quick downloading websites, although they are not a large threat to consumers as most Application Firewall products should be able to catch the SQL attack and prevent users from getting infected.

In particular, malicious IFrame software is placed onto websites by the hackers who use it to attack innocent browsers who make the mistake of stopping by an infected website.

The infection then downloads into a user’s computer so that the masterminds of the plot can use it as a spam BOTNET or even sometimes in DDos attacks.

Imperva stated this is one of the five most common types of malicious attacks that threaten computer users currently and thus businesses should take special care to make sure they make internal code changes and use a firewall to protect themselves.

Imperva made the news earlier this week when it announced that it may have found the leak behind the unauthorised release of tracks from X-Factor star Leona Lewis: Simon Cowell.

Not to worry however, it is more likely that Cowell staged the leak as a publicity stunt then as an attempt to start a new career as a computer hacker.

Evidence points towards him since there was no monetary gain from the tracks which presumably a hacker would have been after.


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