Trend Micro’s Web Gateway Security suite

September 2, 2009

In the old days of internet security, an IT administrator could simply tell their company’s employees not to click on suspicious links from unknown senders in emails in order to ward off attacks from spammers and malware.

However, now malware attacks can come from many other locations outside of just emails, and the scary part is many of these locations look legitimate and perfectly safe.

In fact, some of the best hiding places used by malware creators are locations that typically are safe, such as a friend’s profile on Facebook that has been hijacked.

Trend Micro has developed a solution to this problem by developing a new software titled the Web Gateway Security suite which comes equipped with tools that lets an IT administrator track employees browsing habits on the network down to the second.

This allows administrators to see what employees are doing in real time with a simple glance at the easy to use tool.

Instead of trying to get to the root of a virus that may be impossible to trace, or waiting for reports the next day, IT workers can now immediately determine where a virus came from and how to stop it.

Of course, it is a little Big Brother like, since someone can tell if you spend most of your day on social networks, but the end result will help keep the network clean.

Trend Micro also points out, in defense of the product and sceptics who claim it monitors too closely, that the software will also allow administrators to determine if there is a problem with bandwidth as a result of a poorly maintained website that is company approved.

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