Not so TalkTalk as ASA bans ads

September 3, 2009

There cannot be many people around who have not seen the recent marketing campaign by TalkTalk, as the internet service provider has really pushed the boat out recently.

However, following a complaint from rival ISP BT, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned the advert in its current format, because TalkTalk compares its service to BT’s.

The issue is that TalkTalk was comparing its home phone and broadband package to the BT Option 1 bundle.

BT pointed out that TalkTalk failed to inform consumers that there are certain security features that BT customers would lose if they switched to TalkTalk.

Within the BT Option 1 package, the customer gets a standard package of email anti virus, spam blocker anti spyware, pop up blocker and a few others, but with TalkTalk, similar security features are charged for at £4 per month.


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  1. Alllan Weaver says:

    Typical BT. There are free applications that give excellent protection, so as you don’t have to pay the £4 a month. I moved away from the BT telephone deal because they insisted on charging £1.50 more a month if you didn’t use direct debit.

    I wish all advertisers would stop using the “Up to” and “free” They all seem to price a package and say part of the package is free. When you see the word free, just replace it with included, and replace the words “up to” with “less than”

    My other pet hate is those adverts offering the service at a low price per month, then adding in very small print “For the first 3 months followed by a much higher price.

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