CEOP: Parents should do more to protect kids from online predators

Darren Allan

September 7, 2009

Parents aren’t doing enough to help keep their children safe from Internet predators, according to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (or CEOP).

The Internet watchdog released its strategic overview today, which said that it had received some 5,500 reports over the last year. 1,400 of these were from young children, and almost 89% related specifically to grooming incidents.

CEOP reported a worrying increase in the usage of social networking sites for grooming, and even more disturbingly an increase in the use of webcams relating to online abuse. Parents are often ignorant to these sort of dangers, and apathetic in keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and the Internet.

The Chief Executive of CEOP, Jim Gamble, stated:

“Parents and carers need to accept greater responsibility and go beyond stating that they don’t understand this new environment. We simply do not see evidence of parents using the resources we offer. The advice you need is there so please use it. It is user friendly and accessible from the CEOP web site.”

The CEOP web site can be found at:


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