Global broadband connections increase

September 9, 2009

Figures recently released show that global broadband connections have now reached 445 million.

The total figure has been reached following an increase of nearly thirteen million broadband connections during the last quarter.

According to Point Topic these figures do not mean that the market is increasing at the same rate everywhere.

In western Europe, for instance, broadband connections actually fell from 4.11 per cent growth in the same period in 2008, to 1.64 per cent.

A league table has been produced showing the top ten broadband connected countries.

These ten nations represent around seventy per cent of the global market.

Number of Broadband Connections (millions)
China 93.5
USA 86.2
Japan 31.1
Germany 24.1
France 18.3
UK 17.8
South Korea 15.9
Italy 12.9
Brazil 10.4
Canada 9.6

Once again, China tops the list and by a significant margin, while the UK remains in 6th place.

The connections include DSL with 64 per cent, Cable with 21 per cent, Fibre with 13 per cent and Wireless & Satellite with 1 per cent a piece.


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